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Top 10 Things to Do in Brunei

1. Enjoying the sights of Kampong Ayer – One of the most important heritage sites as 500 years ago..the water village is Brunei Darussalam. The palace was on water and the Sultan stays in the water village. Today, the Brunei government has built a Water Village Cultural Centre with good variety of information and displays. You can also walk around the water village to soak in the unique environment. You need to go on a ‘water taxi”’.

2. Sampling local food at Night Market in Gadong -Nightly, you can experience a wide variety of local fruits and vegetable stalls as well as food stalls that sell Bruneians’ desserts, ‘nasi katok’, barbecued chickens, curries and kebabs.

3. Wildlife search in Tutong River Cruise -You can see the elusive Proboscis monkey which is endemic to Borneo and crocodiles if you are lucky! The environment here is truly serene and pristine. Read More »

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