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In our life, be it professional working, personal home or friendship, we need partnership, a team to help each other grow and bring meaning to our life. This partnership page is with such intention, if you as an individual or a corporate body or a tour operator who like or are aligned with what we do and what we represent, please do email me and keep in touch and see how we can add to each other. I am doing my very best to create a company of like-minded individuals who can create a positive and meaningful impact on everyone who deals with us. YES! We are a business with bills to pay, datelines to meet and salaries to pay every month end plus motivating and growing everyone progressively. This is very much tougher than just making money as it brings joy to see an individual grows and become more aware in this company.

The Company’s vision “Making Our World Better” is not uncommon as it is what most people are seeking to do but most people are too busy chasing careers or money or cars or house or titles. In our company, we make sure that all staff are at a salary scale that covers their basic needs, living cost and some extras. In this manner, they can be more focused when they walk through the company door every morning.

We are still learning and growing and evolving in the areas of management, operations, reducing carbon footprints, reducing waste, recycling, becoming more aware of what we think, what comes out of our mouth and what goes into our mouth. The journey of health for the mind, body and soul is not a lone path but should be one that is joyful, fun and exciting fill with like-minded people from all over the world.

Knowing and understanding that we are all connected humans, animals, plants insects, the whole world is connected not just by the internet but through the earth soil , water and air. What happens in Japan will affect USA or Australia or Borneo. I hope more and more people will be more aware on this so we can develop more care and compassion for everything in this world. To not rush but stop and lend a hand, to give rather than to just think”what’s in it for me”.

Two years ago, our company stop handling cruise ships because we do not agree with the impact of a large cruise ship on a little country such as Brunei which is not suitable for 1000 people coming to visit for a day. Yes, it is good money and fast money but it has no meaning, after 30 years of handling cruise, we stopped. The company, even though earning less revenue, is growing in the areas of birdwatching, nature and culture tourism.We feel so much better and clearer with less distractions.

In our “business”, we like to make sure that what we do send out messages and hopefully more and more people will be more aware and take action in making our world better in their own way.

Anthony ChiengLooking forward to connecting with you.

To Love with Peace & Light,

Anthony Chieng
Managing Director

Sunshine Borneo Tours & Travel
Established since 1979, Sunshine Borneo Tours & Travel Sdn. Bhd. is a progressive inbound tour company that is environmentally and community conscious in our business and we are looking to partner with companies of similar passion. Deal direct with us to get the best services, joint-packages and rates. Please email us at