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Managing Director, Anthony Chieng sealing deal to support the economy of local community through tourism

Sunshine Borneo Tours & Travel is a licensed Brunei inbound tour company established since 1979 (license no: KPSU/PK/84/57 TA) . Our company specializes in providing quality personalized services and products in Brunei, which include transfers, tours, accommodation bookings and team building events. Our services are preferred by the top hotels in Brunei, Government bodies and we are the ground handlers for Royal Brunei Airlines for over 10 years and also for many regional and international travel agents. We also operate a service counter at the Brunei International Airport under Royal Brunei Holidays.

Our products range from city tour to river cruise and longhouse to rainforest getaway. Proboscis Monkey Cruise is also an exclusive product by Sunshine Borneo Tours & Travel. Ulu Ulu Resort is an electronic free, remote destination resort wholly owned by Sunshine Borneo Tours & Travel. The resort offers exclusive retreat in the rainforests whilst advocating conservation and benefiting the locals’ economy. See our review on Tripadvisor.

???????????????????????????????We are determined to make our world better through our green practices, especially in Ulu Temburong National Park and Tutong River. The company is backed by a full time strength of 32 committed individuals and numerous part time staff covering 2 companies. Our experience, facilities, commitment, investments and committed team make us truly the preferred tourism company in Brunei Darussalam.

???????????????????????????????Check out our website for excellent Brunei packages, daily local tours, hotel bookings and
transfers. As for travel agents, you are entitled for an industry rate after you complete the registration form.

BRUNEI’s No. 1 preferred Inbound tour operator – Quality Service, Professional Team, Innovative Products!logo


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